Chocolate benefits

Some of us avoid waxing because of the painful part of it. Unfortunately, that is a valid reason, but only when we use regular wax. However we have something that can ease the pain and make your waxing experience so much better. Chocolate wax is aphrodisiac and will change the way you feel about waxing in general. The main reason is that is less painful compared to the regular wax that is because coca seed extract acts as anti-inflammatory ingredient. There are also additional benefits to getting chocolate wax besides the mouthwatering smell. 

Chocolate wax is not sticky and has very easy clean up. For those of you worrying about ingrown hair, there are almost none. Chocolate wax is incredible for people with sensitive skin. Chocolate wax will give you smooth skin right after the procedure and that’s because essential oils in the wax go into layers of the skin. Chocolate wax can be used anywhere in the body including bikini wax, Brazilian wax as well as underarm.  There is no need to wait any more, call us and make an appointment now. 



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