16+ different types of facial at our spa

Here at Laura's Beauty touch located in Rego Park focuses on different skin types. Clients are always concerned whether or not they have dry, oily, or various skin tones/types.

For many, their knowledge of popular facial skin care treatments begins and ends with the classic face mask everyone knows – think cucumber slices.  Laura's beauty touch, the cosmetologists' will have a consultation based on your skin and what facial you need! 

Some of the benefits of regular facials include a healthier complexion, fewer breakouts, and smoother skin. I mean, who doesn’t love to feel pampered every now and then? The after-care of the skin is the most important part. It takes more than just one session to have your face glowing, and clean. Using specific products that are beneficial to your skin are important. Call us now for an amazing and extraordinary facial experience with us at 1-(718)-841-9919 or email us at Laurasbeautytouch@gmail.com 




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