Amazing deals ending the summer!!!

YOU choose !!!

DEAL #1  ~ $69 instead of $100

  • Champagne spa pedicure
  • hand paraffin with hot mittens 
  • full leg wax 
  • eyebrows and lip wax
DEAL #2 ~ $69 instead of $100
  • Express aroma facial or aroma express massage
  • eyebrows or underarm wax
  • champagne spa pedicure  

For the end of the summer, we offer 2 deals listed above. They each have benefits that fit the needs you desire.

* The first one is a soothing champagne spa pedicure with hand paraffin which helps with arthritis because the heat helps relax your muscles. Along with that comes a full leg wax, eyebrows, and upper lip wax is more effective than shaving as the hair grows thinner and slower. 

* The next one is the Aroma facial or Aromatherapy massage. it is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions. Aroma express facial with eye treatment will soften your skin. 




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