Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer is officially here! 

With the weather getting warmer,  Pool parties and beach days are here. Waxing is extremely important during the summer. Shaving is not the best choice because it brings you too ingrown hairs and prickly skin texture.Try out our new summer wax specials which includes:

Honey Brazillian+Full leg Wax

I know what you are thinking: "People actually get a wax done with honey??" well yes and people with sensitive skin prefer it actually. The honey wax will make sure your hair grows much less and your skin will feel much smoother right after. No scarring and no rashes!  

Waxing is an efficient solution for getting rid of unwanted hair - unlike shaving, there’ll be no stubble rash, and the results will last longer. Waxing removes a good layer of dry skin afterward they will be silky smooth ready for the spring. 

Are you looking for a great Brazilian wax done by an experienced esthetician in a clean and private environment? Then set up an appointment with us.

    Being outside in the sun also comes with many responsibilities because it can lead to skin damage as well as dehydration.this is why it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day and to protect our skin with SPF to prevent any severe damage. Another great way of treating already damaged skin is by getting a facial.One of the most beneficial facials to enrich your skin here at our spa is the champagne spa facial which includes:

Champagne Spa Facial + Herbal Eye Treatment + Peach Hand Parrafin  
One of our newest services yet, the Champagne facial combines all of our most popular services and adds a luxurious twist to it.

This skincare treatment purifies, cleanses, and calms the skin, reduces impurities. Includes massage, extractions, champagne mask, eye pack, hand massage with champagne cream.

Now includes a herbal eye treatment that relaxes the area around the eye which reduces puffiness. Plus an all-new PEACH hand paraffin. 


Call us at (718-841-9919) for more information or to schedule your next appointment. 

stay safe and enjoy!!!




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