End of January

The year is going by fast and the weather is changing constantly. Our spa promotions are getting better day by day. To view, our spa specials click the top heading "Specials" to view our newly deals. Skin care is our number one priority and due to this cold season, we have to take care of our skin because it tends to dry up faster. Perfect looking glowing soft skin is something all of us wish for.
This is one of the highest preferred facials. No chemicals are used or added at all in this procedure. The organic facial is good for ALL skin types! The facial gives you more hydration, glow, and moisture. The facial clears all your pores and lets your face breathe fresh air rather than 'toxic-deadly' aura. Deals this good don't last that long! Keep up with your new year's resolution and take care of your skin! TO PURCHASE THE ORGANIC FACIAL CALL US AT 1-(718)-841-9919 OR EMAIL US AT LAURASBEAUTYTOUCH@GMAIL.COM! 




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