Talk to the face

Here at Laura's beauty touch located in Rego Park, we focus on the outer beauty of the face. At home, treatments are usually best after a facial routine at the spa. You have to be careful about what ingredients in your products you are using to cause your face to irritate, oil, or even dry up. Foods that you eat like spices or even sweets can cause a reaction to the face. In our spa, we will ensure your face will look good, glow, and become much cleaner. A pretty face doesn't mean it is a clean one. Most people don't know about facials but they are beneficial to people that need it more frequently. A one time facial will show results but it doesn't mean you should stop getting them after. Facials are needed and you have to be consistent with them. It's more than just a mask! Every facial is designed to a specific skin type. It comes with scrubs, cleansers, toners, face massages, extractions, peels, acids, masks, eye herbal treatment, muscle tension face reliever. Facials are good to replenish and cleanse the face. Once in a while, you can treat yourself and benefit both you for having a relaxing day and your face to be cleared out with all that gunk from your pores. Feel free to call us at 1(718)-841-9919 to have a face consultation on what facial is needed for you! 



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