New Year, New You can still happen. Microblanding will change the look of your face.

Laura's beauty touch located in Rego Park celebrates New Years! Resolutions are not going so great? We got you covered, and “New You” can still happen.  Start with something easy and something that at the same time can enhance a look of your face. Microblanding is a way to give your eyebrows a semi-permanent lift.  With great eyebrows, your facial appearance will look different and your eyes will also stand out. We all know that well balanced and full eyebrows are very attractive, some women use an eyebrow pencil to achieve that and get a similar effect, but you can save plenty of time and have even and greatly shaped brows that will look amazing and youthful. Trust us when we tell you that Microblanding in our Queens Spa is the best way to get your semi-permanent make-up that will last even up to a couple of years. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to call and ask us about it. 

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