Silky smooth legs

Silky smooth legs if that only would happen with no effort at all. Summer dresses season is on, with warmer temperatures we want you to show off your beautiful legs in those skirts and shorts. Do that in style and forget about shaving for a little bit when you get your legs waxed. 

Right now we have Spring Wax Special promotion going on. This Special includes Brazilian Wax, Full leg wax, champagne pedicure, Manicure, Eyebrow or Underarm wax as well.

So get your body ready for Summer. We know we had to wait so long for it to come, but let’s enjoy it in the fullest and show off beautiful bodies and silky smooth skin.

We offer so many different types of waxes, starting with chocolate for the very sensitive skin, vanilla, and regular honey wax. We can remove hair from any part of your body, back, chest, legs, armpits, bikini line, face.  We offer those services for women and men. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and our staff with many years of experience is doing the best job to achieve that goal.

Our spa is located right in Rego Park, right next to Queens Blvd. We want you to feel amazing and comfortable in your own skin so you can call us and ask any questions. We hope to see you very soon.



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