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Everyone is always talking about relaxing but the truth is they don't know the real way of relaxation. Here at Lauras beauty touch, we show you that true relaxation comes from total peace and comfort. Reasons people keep coming back to us for total relaxation:  Once you arrive at the spa you are immediately greeted and welcomed. Complimentary wifi, while you wait Waiting time, is very short  The most relaxing music made to stimulate the relaxing hormone Norepinephrine.  Our services don't only calm you down but it leaves you with a refreshing glow

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Valentine the day of love the day to show your significant other how much you care and appreciate them.  if you really love them you wouldn't settle for ordinary right? so here at Lauras Beauty Touch, we are anything but ordinary. with our special deals and amazing services like a king for a day, couples sensual package, a luxurious package for her and many more. all services include chocolates as well as champagne.  Reasons to spend your Valentine's Day with us:  we have the best services  amazing prices  relaxing environment  the hydrated feeling when finished welcomed with champagne and chocolate at the door 

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Don’t buy her another box of chocolates.

Valentine's day is around the corner.  When you think about gifts for your sweet heart think outside of the chocolate box… Instead of a heart-shaped box, you can get a full leg chocolate wax. There is so much more that we have to offer. For instance, you can also have a champagne spa pedicure.  We want everyone to feel beautiful and special not only on Valentine’s day but every day of the year. That’s why we prepared a couple of packages that are available right now until February 14th and are affordable for every wallet.    Imagine that you are sipping champagne and devour on delicious chocolate while you are getting a champagne facial and champagne spa pedicure with lavender hand...

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Does this saying seem familiar to you: "NEW YEAR NEW ME" At the beginning of the new year, many people set goals for themselves to help improve who they were in the previous year. However, as you may know, it becomes mostly impossible to maintain that positive mindset. Here at Lauras Beauty Touch, we have comprised a list of helpful tips to stay healthy and have that glow all year round. Drink lots of water- water, throughout the day is important to keep the skin clean and hydrated Stay away from the fatty oily foods- although you can enjoy it once in a while it is always important to know your limits because it can lead to breakouts and irritated...

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Sunday Spaday!

Here at Laura's beauty touch located in Rego Park, we have new deals all season long! We have many services like massages, facials, waxing, eyelashes, etc... Your face is your beauty and we will ensure to enhance your beauty and make your skin nicer, glowing, and cleaner 100X! We use high-end luxury products that enhance your face with quick and amazing results. 

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