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V-Silk Eyelash Extensions Refill

$ 35.00

After getting your lashes applied there is a need to refill them usually after 2 weeks.  

Silk lashes are abundantly popular.  They can look quite natural when properly applied although they are slightly shinier than human eyelashes, due to their satin glossy finish. They’re incredibly rich in black color, affording the wearer not only thicker eyelashes, but also a lack of need for mascara.

Silk lashes also boast an impressively light weight (compared to other faux materials), making them comfortable to wear all day, every day. They’re also known for both their softness and feathery texture. Silk lashes are lighter than typical eyelash extensions allowing them to flex and act as a natural lash.


stays about 2 to 3 week

refill needed.

2 weeks: $35.00

3 weeks: $40.00

4 weeks: $55.00



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