Full Body French Vanilla Latte Brown Sugar Scrub+Back facial

Full Body French Vanilla Latte Brown Sugar Scrub+Back facial

$ 120.00

 Enjoy Antioxidant-rich skin tightening qualities of organic french roast coffee and sweet vanilla extract all together makes french vanilla latte brown sugar, the best scrub in the world. The brown sugar gently exfoliates old skin while keeping skin healthy and visibly radiant. The synergy of the Ayurvedic oils and brown sugar produces natural fatty acids that help keep moisture and firm skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin silky and smooth. This body scrub is applied to the whole skin will make your body younger than ever.


 A Back Facial which is a skin treatment formulated to clarify, cleanse, exfoliate with Clarisonic brush, extraction with an herbal mask treatment.

Our Customized Facial for the back to help clear clogged pores, inflammation,
and “backne.” A deep cleanse and tone is followed by professional exfoliation (using
either a light enzyme or gentle scrub) to polish away impurities. Next, steam is
applied before manual extractions, which are followed by calming serums and a
skin-specific corrective masque. Finally, results-enhancing serums are applied
before moisturizer. 

Total time: 1hr and 20min 



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