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This past year, Many experienced hardships and as the world starts to get back to normal after this hard hit of a pandemic it is important for you to get back to yourself as well. Here are some suggestions to help you get back to your normal self: Break the cycle of being counter productive  Take something upon yourself to instill a productive mindset  dont be afraid to step out of your comfort zone  If you find yourself having difficulty in doing any of these things then maybe you need a break from the world. Here at LAURAS BEAUTY TOUCH guarantee that if you spend a day at our spa it will help you press the reset button. You can...

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Staying healthy this New Year

Now more than ever it is most important to keep ourselves healthy and keep up to date with our New Years resolutions!!  Part of your health involves your skin so here are some ways to keep your skin shiny and smooth: Hydrate, DRINK LOTS of water because our skin absorbs it and keeps our pores un-clogged when we do. Eat healthy foods because the common saying you are what you eat is very true. Make sure to breathe as much oxygen as you can to enable your pores to stay healthy especially in todays situation with the masks. Lacking oxygen? Come and try our newly added oxygen hydra facial at Lauras beauty touch located at 97-20 66th ave  : Oxygen...

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Happy holidays!!!

To our loyal and beautiful customers, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and may you and your families have a safe and healthy holiday. In the spirit of the holidays we release the customer favorite specials annually: EUROPEAN DEEP PORE FACIAL WITH LIGHT THERAPY+ HAND TREATMENT (75MIN)  LED Light Therapy  An effective cleansing treatment includes skin analysis, cleanser, toner, face, neck and shoulder massage, aroma steam, exfoliation with Clarisonic brush, extraction, mask, and herbal eye treatment, and hand massage. EACH LIGHT HAS A SPECIFIC FEATURE:  TREATS ACNE  REGULATES NATURAL OIL PRODUCTION  STIMULATES COLLAGEN & ELASTINS THE SKIN  MINIMIZES REDNESS & WRINKLES  REDUCES DARK SPOTS & UNEVEN SKIN TONES  WAS$120NOW$79     30 MIN EXPRESS AROMA FACIAL+30 MIN EXPRESS MASSAGE WITH HAND TREATMENT  Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to...

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Happy Holiday Specials!!!

Happy holidays!!! Holidays are all about family and what better way to spend time with your family then with a calming day at our spa. Now at our store we have put out a list of specials exclusively for the holidays come in and UNWIND,RECHARGE and HEAL. HOLIDAY SPECIALS INCLUDE: Papaya deep pore facial with Microdermabersion   Includes a relaxing face, neck and decollate massage, steam, light herbal exfoliation (lightly sloughs off impurities and dead skin cells), extraction, two masks, herbal eye treatment and hand massage. It helps to refine the skin’s texture for an even skin tone and clear complexion.  Unclogs pores and removes: Dead skin. Dull skin Hyper-pigmentation Enlarged or clogged pores Rough skin texture All skin type. Total time: 60 min...

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       Goodbye October and hello November, now that we are officially in fall its time to share some great tips on how to take care of our skin!!!! - Especially in the fall, our skin can get very oily and our pores can end up getting clogged so its very important to stay HYDRATED. - it is of most importance to keep our skin clean so that it stays clear and soft  HERE ARE SOME WAYS WE AT LAURAS BEAUTY TOUCH CLEAN AND HYDRATE YOUR SKIN: European Deep Pore Facial with LED light therapy:                                     An effective cleansing treatment includes skin...

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